PEAK UK Memory League Championships

This weekend is our first competition under the new name and our first international mini-comp! So exciting on many fronts as this will hopefully open up the gates for more competitions around the world in the future (Sweden, South Africa, and Malaysia, are already interested!).

Ben Pridmore will be running the event (and coming up with the Surprise Events on Day 2 - have I mentioned I'm sooooooo excited to see them??), Peak (a brain training app) will be hosting the event, Ed Cooke will be helping commentate the event, and a bunch of awesome British dudes and dudettes will be competing in it (including me, Nelson, a dual-citizenship holder.....yeah, a stretch I know, but I've been dying to compete in my own competition!).

We will have the stats and matches going live for your viewing pleasure, so stay tuned for updates in the next 12-18 hours on that!