Nelson Dellis, Creater & Founder                  

NELSON DELLIS is a 4-time USA Memory Champion and multiple US memory record holder. He has been competing in memory competition for the past 7 years ever since his grandmother passed away from Alzheimer's. The Memory League was an idea he designed after realizing that memory competitions needed to be much more exciting, both to competitors and to viewers. He lives in Miami, Florida, USA and is a full-time memory consultant and mountaineer. 

Issa Cohen, Co-founder of Art of Memory  

ISSA COHEN co-founded the ART OF MEMORY community. He has a background in teaching and business operations, and helps make sure all of the i's get dotted and the t's get crossed. An aspiring mnemonist as well, Issa is involved in promoting the application of memory techniques in everyday learning. 


Simon Orton, Co-creator & Software Designer 

SIMON ORTON is a former Australian Memory Champion. He has a strong history in competing in memory competitions as well and is also the creator of the much-used Online Memory Challenge (OMC) website, which many competitors used to train. With his software engineering background, Simon is the brains behind the software being used for Memory League.      

Josh Cohen, Co-founder of Art of Memory  

JOSH COHEN co-founded the ART OF MEMORY community with his brother Issa. He has a background in programming, product design, content, community building. He originally created the Mnemotechnics Forum and Memory Techniques Wiki. He has over 12 years of experience launching and managing websites.

Championship directors

  • Ben Pridmore - UK MLC
  • Boris Konrad - German MLC
  • Omkar Kibe - Indian MLC
  • Idriz Zogaj - Scandinavian MLC
  • Nelson Dellis - World MLC